Area of Innovation and Research Operation

Innovation and Research

Anonemis Research, LLC is the leading source for cutting edge, innovative breakthroughs. A firm founded by Simenona Martinez; this organization focuses on innovation in the following:

Innovation and Research Operation

  • Quantum Computing
  • Medical and Medicine Operation
  • Military Defense
  • Cybersecurity Operations
  • Education
  • Politics and Public Policy
  • Transportation (Aviation and Ground)
  • Financial Banking Industry
  • Telecommunication
  • Foreign Territory Operation
  • Law Enforcement
  • Lifestyle
  • Arms, Weaponry and Warfare
  • Child Welfare
  • Space

Medical and Medicine Operation

  • Medicine Development Treatment Methodology
  • Neuropsychiatry Treatment Methodology
  • Device Development Treatment Methodology
  • Disease Management Treatment Methodology


  • Aviation
  • Space
  • Defense
  • Military Tactile Strategy Methodology
  • Nuclear Development and Detection Methodology
  • Neuropsychiatry Cyber Defense Methodology
  • Intensive Cyber Defense Tactical Operational Processes and Procedures Methodology
  • Disaster Relief
  • Foreign Offensive and Defense Methodology
  • Disease and Outbreak Response and Management Methodology
  • Intelligence Methodology
  • Silent Communication Defense Methodology
  • Communication Defense Methodology

Cyber Operations

  • Social Media Research
  • Social Media Methodology
  • Social Media Defense Methodology
  • Internet Defense Methodology
  • Intelligence Methodology


  • Educational Methodology
  • Education Security Defense
  • Education Cyber Security Defense

Politics and Public Policy

  • Strategic Candidate Operation
  • Election Defense Management
  • Election Processes Methodology   
  • City and State Defense Processes and Procedural Protocol Methodology
  • City and State Cyber Defense Processes and Procedural Protocol Methodology
  • Trade and Foreign Policy

Transportation (Aviation and Ground)

  • Transportation Network Defense
  • Cyber Defense Processes and Procedural Protocol Methodology
  • Aircraft Boarding Policy and Procedural Methodology
  • Aviation Prevention Methodology

Financial Industry

  • Banking Operation Methodology
  • Cyber Defense Processes and Procedural Protocol Methodology
  • ATM Defense Methodology
  • Transaction Methodology


  • Cyber Defense Cellular Methodology
  • Silent Communication Defense Methodology

Foreign Territory Operation

  • Foreign Territory Operation Defense Methodology
  • Foreign Territory Cyber Defense Methodology

Law Enforcement

  • Operation Processes and Procedural Methodology


  • Apartment Living
  • Cellular Applications
  • Application Development
  • Driving Applications

Arms, Weapons and Warfare

  • Policy Methodology
  • Control and Operation Management
  • Development of Cyber Weaponry and Arms

Child Welfare

  • Trafficking Policy and Procedural Methodology
  • Missing Children and Return Policy and Procedural Methodology
  • Prevention for Child Exploitation Policy and Procedural Methodology